Mass Anti-epidemic Atmosphere

Anti-epidemic activities in DPRK
Anti-epidemic activities at Undok Health Complex in Sariwon City and Info Communication Bureau of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Pyongyang City. (Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

Mass Anti-epidemic Atmosphere Gets More Tense in DPRK

The emergency anti-epidemic units across the country are further intensifying the work for blocking the inroads and spread of the novel corona virus, while encouraging a mass anti-epidemic atmosphere.

Watching keenly the worldwide spread of COVID-19, the central emergency anti-epidemic sector is establishing iron discipline and order to ensure that all the regions and units and all the people obey the unified guidance by the state without question and strictly comply with the anti-epidemic steps taken by the state.

The mass media make sure the public is kept abreast of the routes and danger of the spread of the malignant virus and the gravity of consequences.

Broadcast posts and educational networks keep airing the anti-epidemic and common hygienic knowledge, and posters on prevention of COVID-19 are on display everywhere.

The emergency anti-epidemic units all over the country are pushing forward with taking timely measures against the slightest irregularities, while urging inhabitants to thoroughly observe the state anti-epidemic guidelines and rules of conduct.

The public health organs are conducting stricter medical examination of residents and taking thorough measures to find out and cure patients suffering from respiratory diseases like flu in time.

(Rodong Sinmun - January 7, 2021)

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