Posters Accelerate Socialist Construction

The Mansudae Art Studio, the Korean Central Fine Arts Studio, Pyongyang University of Fine Arts and the Art Studio of the Ministry of Railways have recently produced posters accelerating the all-people drive for implementing the decisions made at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea.

(1) DPRK Posters Accelerating Socialist Construction
DPRK Poster reads, "Let's Support Party with Steel." (Photo Credit KCNA)

Reflected in the posters are the idea of laying firm guarantee for reenergizing the overall economy and improving the people's living standard by developing the metal and chemical industry, the twin pillars of self-supporting economy, and the need to invigorate key industries including electricity, coal and machine industries in order to further strengthen the economic potentials and might and accelerate the overall economic construction.

There are posters calling for making a radical improvement in transport and waging a mass movement for afforestation and water-conservation.

Posters also represent the Party's people-first principle and call for developing science and technology and bringing about a radical improvement in education in the new century.

The posters will add to the zeal of all the people for the revolution and struggle for hastening a fresh victory of Korean-style socialism by fulfilling without fail the five-year plan for national economic development put forth at the Party Congress.

(KCNA - January 31, 2021)

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