Kindergarten Teachers Improve Their Qualifications

Ryomyong Kindergarten in Taesong District, Pyongyang, is making achievements in improving the qualifications of teachers.

O Ui Ryong, a calligrapher, at Ryomyong Kindergarten

Its teachers further improve their qualifications through weekly and monthly discussions and presentations for swapping the achievements and experiences they have made in the course of creatively introducing advanced methods for developing the mental and thinking faculties of children.

The kindergarten pays special attention to helping new teachers acquire the qualifications as an educator for understanding the specific dispositions, hobbies and talents of each child as soon as possible through many occasions.

Teacher at Ryomyong Kindergarten

It directs efforts to the work of making the timetable in a three-dimensional way in keeping with the ages and psychological features of children by means of visual aids and multimedia.

Besides, it organizes short courses frequently for teachers to improve the level of their practical qualifications for intelligence education such as abacus, paduk playing, picture puzzle, etc.

Choe Ryo Jong, a pianist and paduk player, at Ryomyong Kindergarten

As a result, some of its kindergarteners were highly appreciated in the national contests of children with outstanding talents. Among them are O Ui Ryong, a calligrapher, and Choe Ryo Jong, a pianist and paduk player.

(Uriminzokkiri - January 29, 2021)

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