Past Crimes Done by Japanese Imperialists to Destroy Korean Nation's Cultural Assets

Central Class Education House, Pyongyang
The Central Class Education House, Pyongyang, exhibits materials of past crimes done by Japanese imperialists to destroy and plunder cultural assets of Korean nation. (Photo Credit Rodong Snmun)

Among the cultural assets, destroyed and plundered by the Japanese imperialists during their occupation of Korea, are murals and Buddhist and other paintings and calligraphic works created by the Korean people.

Their destruction and plunder of Korean paintings and calligraphic works were the most shameless and barbarous beyond human imagination.

For the purpose of obliterating the soul of the Korean nation, the Japanese imperialists dug up the Mausoleum of King Tangun and destroyed a picture of supernatural being at its mural.

From the early part of the 20th century, they did not hesitate to destroy mural paintings at Koguryo (B.C. 277-A.D. 668) tombs discovered by their government-patronized historians. It is well evidenced by the facts that the Japanese imperialists tore off a honeysuckle pattern of mural at three tombs in Kangso and drew another pattern after plastering and that they touched the murals of Koguryo under the pretext of "studying" their preservation technology.

Moreover, the Japanese imperialists plundered the excellent painting heritages dating back to Koryo (918-1392) and feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910) at random by employing the government and military power.

Ooka, a Japanese who captured the Buddhist painting "Image of Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy" drawn in Koryo period during Japan's colonial rule over Korea, said that he regarded it as his pride to have made this painting as his family treasure. And another Japanese Takaki confessed that there are many old paintings of Korea among the cultural works preserved at a government-general museum.

Due to their ruthless pillage, lots of paintings and calligraphic works showing the superiority of the Korean nation disappeared from Korea.

Indeed, the Japanese imperialists are aggressors and plunderers who ran amuck to totally obliterate the soul and assets of the Korean nation.

(KCNA - January 28, 2021)

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