International battle against drug abuse

UNODC World Drug Report 2020

Drug abuse is a great global challenge as it is growing rampant.

Honduras, for instance, confiscated over 2 240kg of cocaine in the first eight months last year, which exceeded the amount confiscated throughout the year of 2019.

The UN drugs and crime office reported that drug users reached nearly 269 million worldwide in recent years and over 35 million of them suffered greatly from the effect of drug abuse.

Therefore, many countries put forward the anti-drug campaign as a national policy and are increasing investment in it.

Russia ratified the 2021-2030 national anti-drug policy strategy at the end of last year.

The Zambian president said that the government should readjust existing law and intensify legal campaign as he appealed for stepping up the campaign against drug crimes.

A ceremony took place in the capital of Cambodia to burn up drugs on the occasion of the international day of opposing drug abuse and illegal trafficking. And it arrested 19 576 drug-related criminals, including 318 foreigners between January and November last year.

In a province of Afghanistan, over 24 tons of various drugs including heroin and hashish were confiscated in the past one year.

Iran staged a mopping-up operation against six drug trafficking groups at the end of last year to detect more than two tons of drugs and arrest 74 drug dealers and 1 315 related criminals.

(Pyongyang Times - January 27, 2021)

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