Self-reliance, Working Spirit Pertaining to Korean Revolution

Torch of self-reliance

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un clarified in his historic report at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea that self-reliance developed into a national trait of Juche Korea and the one and only fighting spirit of the Korean revolution, amidst the all-people struggle for stepping up socialist construction by enhancing the self-development capability.

The history of the Korean revolution is that of self-reliance, in which the Korean people have advanced, overcoming all sorts of difficulties by their own efforts without dependence on others.

The Korean people's revolutionary spirit of self-reliance was created in the early 1930s when President Kim Il Sung guided the anti-Japanese armed struggle. The anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners took the enemy's weapons to arm themselves and manufactured bomb, rifle and gunpowder at arsenals in the thick forests with their own efforts to defeat the Japanese imperialists and achieve the historic cause of Korea's liberation (August 15, 1945).

The DPRK people have creditably carried forward this spirit to win epoch-making victories in the revolution and construction.

With the spirit, they realized the socialist industrialization in 14 years on the debris after the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) and thus built socialist Korea independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence.

In the 1990s, they emerged victorious in the defence of socialism and laid a solid foundation for building a powerful socialist country, by holding higher the banner of self-reliance in the face of the imperialist allied forces' harsh anti-DPRK moves.

In recent years, they have made a progress in remarkably strengthening the position of the DPRK and putting the national economy on a Juche basis with self-reliance as the lifeline of self-respect and self-development and a powerful engine for development.

Having cherished in practice the truth that the shortcut to prosperity is to live by their own efforts in reliance on their strength, the DPRK people are now vigorously advancing toward fresh victory along the bright path shown by the historic 8th WPK Congress.

(KCNA - January 27, 2021)

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