DPRK Anti-epidemic Info Activities

The central emergency anti-epidemic units are dynamically conducting anti-epidemic information activities to prevent the inroads of the worldwide epidemic.

Their officials, on the basis of their experience gained in the last year's work, have buckled down to information activities and health education to intensify the anti-epidemic campaign.

Anti-epidemic activity in North Phongan Province
Anti-epidemic activity in North Phongan Province.(Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

Since the outset of this year, many explanatory statements, video clips and recordings have been produced by the central emergency anti-epidemic units to help maintain constant vigilance in the emergency anti-epidemic work.

They have also conducted the information work for consolidating the anti-virus walls against the new coronavirus variant rapidly spreading across the world.

Information and reference books are widely disseminated to help all working people take part in the anti-epidemic work voluntarily.

(KCNA - January 26, 2021)

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