Upgraded PEMAF Inaugurated

The remodeled Pyongyang Electronic Medical Appliances Factory has been inaugurated.

(1) Upgraded PEMAF Inaugurated

The factory covering a total floor space of more than 13 200 square meters has several workshops, integrated control room, room for technological development, sci-tech learning space, etc.

As the factory was successfully upgraded, foundations have been laid for further developing the country's medical instrument industry.

(2) Upgraded PEMAF Inaugurated

The factory has all sorts of equipment for streamlining the production and assembly of different electric and electronic medical appliances. It has also spaces for IT service, welfare service and technical apprentice.

Choe Sang Gon, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Vice-premier of the Cabinet Ri Song Hak, Minister of Public Health Choe Kyong Chol, Ri Il Bae, chief secretary of the Mangyongdae District Party Committee, and officials concerned looked round the factory on Jan. 22.

(3) Upgraded PEMAF Inaugurated

(KCNA - January 23, 2021)
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