Pursue Peace Treaty with North Korea

Maud Easter in Waging Peace Blog
Maud Easter's blog "Waging Peace" in Times Union. (Screenshot)

By Pyol Kum

"Early signals from Biden that he will reduce tensions by pursuing a peace treaty and by cancelling the war drills will reassure North Korea that progress is possible."

Maud Easter said this in her blog "Waging Peace" hosted by the Times Union, Albany, NY, on January 22.

In her writing "Korea and Biden’s First 100 Days," Maud summed up the opinions raised by her younger friends working in unison for world peace: Christine Ahn, Jessica J Lee and Hyun Lee.

She noted the sadness that the centrality of Pyongyang’s concern about continuing US military threat was very clear well before North Korea began nuclear development. 

She retrospected:

"In 1980 when I visited Pyongyang as part of a small American Friends Service Committee delegation, Kim Young Nam, then the Foreign Minister, met with us and stressed North Korea's desire for a peace treaty to end military confrontation and its openness to establish normal diplomatic relations with the US. It is well past time for the US to pay attention to the negotiating needs of both parties."

She emphasized, time so matters that Biden should give North Korea early signals that will be beneficial for both parties.

Her ending sentence:

"Koreans and Americans await with hope during the next 100 days for thoughtful diplomacy, building steps for peace on the peninsula."

According to Christine Ahn's tweets, the legendary peace activist Maud Easter traveled to North Korea in 1977 to start a humanitarian program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and then with her husband David vsited the country in the 1980s before returning to the US to mobilize Americans and churches to support peace and reunification of Korea.

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