KPA Military Parade Speech

KPA Will Ensure Party's New Historic Advance with Strongest Military Power: DPRK Minister of Defence

Kim Jong Gwan
Kim Jong Gwan
Kim Jong Gwan, minister of Defence of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, made a speech at the military parade for commemorating the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) on Thursday.

The speaker said that the military parade would serve as a historic occasion in demonstrating at home and abroad once again the militant spirit and tremendous power of our heroic armed forces that defend and uphold in the van the revolutionary cause of the WPK led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and vigorously encouraging the whole Party, all the people and the entire army to the struggle in the new era ushered in by the 8th Congress of the Party.

The majestic elite units and invincible iron-clad ranks of the Republic which will proudly pass Kim Il Sung Square represent our absolute power, he said, and went on:

The path we are following is the most sacred and worthwhile one that leads our socialist Korea to the future when it will be more powerful and prosperous and our strongest power lies in the harmonious whole and the single-minded unity in which the whole Party, all the people and the entire army are firmly united as one around the Supreme Leader.

The armed forces of the Republic will always remain faithful to the order and instructions of the Supreme Leader only and successfully fulfill their duty and mission at the forefront of the revolution entrusted by the Party.

The armed forces of the Republic will strictly contain any military threats in the region of the Korean peninsula and preemptively use the strongest offensive power to thoroughly smash the hostile forces if they jeopardize the security of our state even a bit, and firmly defend the security of the country and the people and our socialist system.

Our army will ensure the new historic advance of the Workers' Party of Korea with the strongest military power.

We will surely win a victory as we are led by respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

(KCNA - January 15, 2021)

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