On Report Made by Supreme Leader (4)

Great Programme for Struggle Leading Korean-style Socialist Construction to Fresh Victory

On Report Made by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at 8th Congress of WPK

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

For development of Party work

In the fourth system of the report Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un summed up successes gained in the work for developing the Party during the period under review and set forth the tasks and ways arising in improving the Party work as required by the times and developing reality.

The report evaluated that it were precious successes achieved in the Party work during the period under review that the unified leadership system of the Party Central Committee was firmly established in the entire Party, the fighting efficiency and leadership ability of the Party remarkably developed and the Party's foundation readjusted and developed in a comprehensive and detailed way.

It said that the WPK has fully discharged its mission and duty regarding the people-first principle as its political idea.

When the Party's fighting efficiency and leadership ability are steadily developed, the cause of building socialism can be led to victory with pluck all the time amid the absolute trust of the people despite any obstacles and difficulties-this is the main review and precious experience gained in the Party work during the past five years.

The report set forth important tasks and ways for bringing about radical innovation in the Party work in line with the present situation, in which the Korean revolution has entered the period of new development and leap.

It clarified it as the first task to attach primary importance to establishing the monolithic leadership system and further develop it.

As mentioned in the report the Party organizations and officials should ensure the absolute authority of the Party Central Committee always and everywhere and staunchly safeguard it. And they should never tolerate or connive at even the slightest tendency to undermine the authority of the Party Central Committee, but wage uncompromising struggle against it.

They should consistently push forward with the efforts to defend and glorify the Party's leadership feats, particularly give a facelift to the units associated with the leadership exploits and the ones inspected by the great leaders, and ensure that they become the model units in carrying out the Party policies.

Party organizations should scrupulously organize the work to carry out the Party policies, learn in detail about how it is done, and review it, so as to thoroughly implement the policies.

To cement the single-minded unity of the Party and the revolutionary ranks in every way by doing the Party's internal work effectively was raised as an important task in the report.

The report underscored the need to put major efforts on the building up of the ranks of the cadres, the hard core of the Party and the leading officials of the revolution, to steadily strengthen the education and control of them to prevent them from getting ideologically degenerated and to improve the quality of the ranks of the Party by strictly adhering to the Party principle of increasing Party membership, the one on which the people recognized by everyone else are selected carefully.

The report underlined the need to continue directing big efforts to strengthening the primary Party organizations and Party cells, the lower-echelon organizations of the Party, to effectively press ahead with the organization of and guidance on the Party life as a main link in the whole chain of the Party work and to rally the broad masses more closely behind the Party by concentrating on the work with the masses.

The Party's ideological work is one of the main tasks of the Party leading the revolution; it is also an important work which should not be neglected in the whole period when the Party leads the revolution and construction.

The report advanced the tasks of strictly adhering to the principle of unitary management in the Party ideological work, of correcting the deep-seated shortcomings revealed in the Party information field, and of fundamentally improving the forms and ways of the ideological education work in line with the developing reality.

It also put forward the task of strengthening the Party guidance and policy-oriented guidance over the revolution and construction; it stressed the need to improve the quality of Party committees, the political general staffs of relevant units, and enhance their roles; it underlined the need for Party organizations to establish the revolutionary traits of adopting proper decisions and implementing them unconditionally, and the need for them to resolve all the problems in the Party way, the political way while thoroughly guarding against such practices as taking administrative functions upon themselves and conservatism of following others at the back rather than leading them in front.

The report set forth ways of improving the Party work fundamentally.

First of all, the irrational Party work system and methods should be done away with in line with the developing reality, and the Party work replaced with the popular and proper work true to the Party's idea of believing in the people as in Heaven.

The more thoroughly the popular and realistic character is applied to the Party work, the closer the whole party will get to the fact and the truth, and the more successfully the fighting efficiency of the Party will be redoubled-these are an important idea of the report.

The report stressed once again that abuse of power, bureaucracy, irregularities and corruption are what the Party must most strictly guard against and its primary struggle target at present, and that Party organizations should carry on an uncompromising struggle against even any iota of them.

Calling for thoroughly establishing the revolutionary discipline of intensifying criticism, ideological struggle and study and of working according to functions, the report stressed that it is a way of improving the Party work to decisively improve the level and ability of the Party officials.

(To be continued*)

(Pyongyang Times - January 9, 2021)

* Serialized posting thanks to the length of the original text

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