On Report Made by Supreme Leader (Conclusion)

Great Programme for Struggle Leading Korean-style Socialist Construction to Fresh Victory

On Report Made by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at 8th Congress of WPK

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

The Supreme Leader in the last part of the report said that through the report on the work of the Party Central Committee, an in-depth understanding of successes and shortcomings in our work and their causes and lessons and the future struggle orientation and detailed ways was given, and that through collective discussion, it was possible to confirm strategic and tactical policies based on the common opinions.

He expressed his expectation that all the delegates would make a profound study and discussion of the issues dealt in the report in line with the leadership idea of the Party and with a high sense of Party responsibility, and he ardently called on them to vigorously work for a fresh leap forward and victory in the socialist construction, for our great state and for our great people, uniting closely around the Party Central Committee under the uplifted banner of great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

His historic report that comprehensively clarified the important guidelines for bringing about a new upswing in overall work of the Party and revolution aroused full support and approval of all the participants in the congress, and adds confidence to the victorious advance and bright future of our socialist cause.

His report on the work of the Seventh Central Committee of the WPK will always shine as a lasting monument in the sacred chronicle of the WPK leading the Juche revolution to the most brilliant victory along the glorious road with its great ideology and leadership.

The detailed text of the report will be distributed to the Party organizations at all levels as a text for internal use.

(Pyongyang Times - January 9, 2021)

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