On Report Made by Supreme Leader (1)

Great Programme for Struggle Leading Korean-style Socialist Construction to Fresh Victory

On Report Made by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at 8th Congress of WPK

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Achievements made in the period under review

Kim Jong Un in the first system of his report reviewed with pride the proud achievements made by our Party and people during the period under review.

The WPK has organized and waged indomitable offensive struggle for turning every obstacle into great victory for the past five years since the 7th Congress of the Party, and the victory won in the course can be characterized by that it opened up the era of fresh development and our state-first principle.

As mentioned in the report, the era of the our state-first principle is a new era of self-dependence and prosperity of our Republic that was born as a result of the do-or-die struggle for exalting the dignity and position of the state, it being a result of the WPK making all possible efforts for the people and determinedly building up its own force, boldly facing all kinds of challenges of history.

The report firstly reviewed the successes achieved in embodying the politics based on the people-first doctrine in the period under review.

The biggest success achieved in the past five years of struggle for implementing the decisions made at the 7th Party Congress is that the politico-ideological strength, the first motive force of our revolution, has radically been augmented.

During the period under review the Party Central Committee has made remarkable successes in consolidating the single-minded unity of the Party and the people as firm as a rock and building up the driving force of the socialist cause and enhancing its role by putting forward the politics based on the people-first doctrine as a fundamental issue and a main political mode decisive of the survival or ruin of the Party and the victory or failure of socialism and by vigorously and consistently unfolding it.

"Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!", this was a core of leadership idea to which the Party Central Committee has held fast without an inch of deflection and slightest concession during the period under review.

Through intensive endeavors for thoroughly making the people-first doctrine run through the Party and state activities, the Party Central Committee uninterruptedly carried out the struggle for eliminating all kinds of unpopular factors laying obstacles in realizing it.

The report analyzed the scrupulous political offensive waged by the Party Central Committee to secure the people-first doctrine as a firm political climate of the state and as the traits of our Party and the state.

What was of special significance in the work of the Party Central Committee for consolidating the politico-ideological position was that it carried out further intensively the education in the revolutionary traditions as required by the period of giving succession to and developing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

It is one of major successes achieved in the period under review that the Party Central Committee established an all-Party and all-society habit of overcoming difficulties and opening up the way of advance in the spirit displayed by the anti-Japanese guerrillas, indomitable fighting spirit based on the great revolutionary traditions created in Mt Paektu after firmly arming all the members of society with them, and thereby ensured the noble fighting spirit and disposition of the Korean revolutionaries were firmly inherited.

The Party Central Committee staged timely and dynamic political activities for bringing the Party members and other people to the knowledge of the demands of the situation, Party's intention and revolutionary tasks, and powerfully arousing them to the vigorous struggle.

The power of the politics based on the people-first doctrine, that of finding the motive force of the development of the revolution in the hearts of the people and arousing them to action was vividly expressed in enlisting to the maximum the spiritual strength and creativity of the people to deal with the difficulties and the change of the situation.

The report referred to the fact that the devoted service for the people thoroughly ran through all the work of the Party and the state.

When establishing and putting into practice its line and policies, the Party consistently maintained the principle of carrying out all the production and construction while respecting the urgent requirements of people in their living and their desire and putting their convenience in the first place and with the people's reflection and assessment as a yardstick. It also exerted special efforts to the work of making all the Party organizations and national institutions highly display the spirit of devoting themselves to the people.

It became an important part of politics based on the people-first doctrine that the Party Central Committee made the People's Army discharge its mission and duty as the driving force of the national defence and a genuine army of the people which firmly protects the country and the people from not only military threats but also sudden nonmilitary threats.

The Party Central Committee has achieved precious successes in uniting the society to be a large family by making sure that all the party organizations sincerely help those with ordeals and hardship in their life and lead them to a worthwhile life.

Thanks to the politics of the WPK based on the people-first principle full of trust, devotion, reward and obligation, the political and ideological position of our revolution has been firmly consolidated, tremendous power that can break through any obstacles and challenges accumulated and the superiority and vitality of Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses fully displayed.

The report stressed that it is the valuable philosophy proved once again in the period under review that it is possible to tackle any unfavorable subjective and objective factors and easily carry out the huge tasks for the socialist construction despite any stern situation, manifold trials and latent shortcomings if the politics based on the people-first principle is thoroughly pursued.

The Supreme Leader reviewed the achievements made by our Party and people in the struggle for boosting our own power in the period under review.

The struggle of our Party and the people for implementing the decisions made at the 7th Congress of the Party was a positive offensive for paving a new avenue for the socialist construction by breaking through manifold difficulties, holding fast to self-reliance as the lifeline of self-existence and self-development and powerful engine for development.

The spirit of self-reliance and the policies for its embodiment stressed at the 7th Congress of the Party were detailed and put into practice at Party plenary meetings. In the course of this, the strategy of our Party for self-reliance has been developed into the offensive one of making the sordid sanctions of the hostile forces a golden opportunity for strengthening our self-development capability and internal motive force and into a political line to be constantly preserved in the socialist construction.

Through the all-people struggle for hastening the socialist construction by enhancing the self-development capability, self-reliance has developed into the national customs of Juche Korea and the one and only fighting spirit of the Korean revolution.

Although the economic construction failed to reach the attainment of the expected strategic goals, a precious foundation for making constant economic development with recourse to our own efforts has been provided, the report said, adding: The greatest of such successes is that the foundation of the self-supporting national economy, the socialist economy, which is the material basis of the existence and lifeline of the Korean-style socialism, has been maintained and its arteries have been preserved.

The Party Central Committee piled up new potentials for readjusting and developing the overall economy by taking revolutionary measures for strengthening the united guidance and strategic management of the state over the economic work and making sure that the socialist principle is thoroughly observed in the economic field.

The Party gave importance to the construction work as an important political work for building up overall national power and leading the people to the socialist civilization and radically changed the appearance of the country by vigorously accelerating the construction work in the period under review.

The agricultural field waged a hot drive for scientific farming and high yield despite persistent and severe drought, flood and all kinds of shortages and thus brought about an unprecedented increase in grain production.

A breakthrough has been made to put metal industry and chemical industry, the twin pillars for self-supporting economy, on a Juche and self-supporting basis and a series of achievements registered in the technical preparations and building of foundations for developing the fields of electricity, coal, machine and railway transport and information and communications.

Major factories and enterprises in the field of light industry have been remodeled to secure potential for radically improving the quality and production of consumer goods and a foundation for boosting production systematically laid in the fishery.

Amid the nationwide and all-people campaign for afforestation, forests of over a million hectares have been newly created and the forces and means for afforestation and water-conservancy, land and environment protection and urban management prepared.

In the field of science and technology the tasks for projects of national importance have been carried out and other valuable sci-tech successes and inventions made. In the field of education the campaign for reforming the contents and methods of education and improving its conditions and environment has been brisk.

The material and technical foundation in the field of public health has been further strengthened and a well-regulated working system and foundation has been laid in the hygienic and anti-epidemic field through the preemptive and hard-hitting emergency anti-epidemic campaign for checking the inroads of worldwide pandemic.

Works for putting sports on a scientific basis and raising a hot wind of sports have been brisk and the work for establishing a national system for disaster prevention and crisis control has been accelerated to make it possible to flexibly cope with all sorts of disasters including natural disasters.

The successes made by our own efforts during the past five years of struggle for constantly augmenting our own strength in the face of lingering harsh sanctions and blockade and severe disasters are fruitions of our strenuous efforts and development capacity, which are scores of times greater than any economic construction successes in normal time. Thanks to the enormous power of self-development accumulated in the face of difficulties, the great advance of our Party and people toward the eminence of a powerful socialist nation will be more vigorously accelerated in greater scope and depth.

The Supreme Leader in his report referred to the successes made in the struggle for consolidating the state's nuclear war deterrent and the capabilities for national self-defence.

To accomplish the great cause of building the state nuclear force was a strategic and predominant goal to be primarily attained by our Party and people without fail in the course of building an ideal powerful socialist state.

The peculiarities of the Korean revolution, which has to be carried out in centuries-old direct confrontation with the aggressor forces of the U.S., the world's first user of nukes and war chieftain which divided the Korean territory and nation, and the geopolitical features of our state called for pushing ahead with the already-started building of the nuclear force without interruption for the welfare of the people, destiny of the revolution, existence and independent development of the state.

The Party Central Committee headed by the Supreme Leader planned a breakthrough operation for carrying out the great cause of building the nuclear force, inspired the entire party and all people to implementation of the line of simultaneously pushing forward the two fronts and organized and launched an intensive ideological campaign for preparing the national defence scientists and nuclear scientists as genuine revolutionaries, patriots and members of death-defying corps.

The energetic and outstanding guidance and activities conducted by the Party Central Committee to safeguard the destiny of the country and the nation open up a history of miracles in which a strategic weapon of the WPK's style was born.

The report detailed the historical course of steering a great revolutionary turn for rounding off completely new nuclear capabilities in order to attain the goals of modernizing the nuclear force.

Under the direct guidance of the Party Central Committee, medium-range and intercontinental ballistic rockets of "Hwasong Rocket" series and submarine-based and ground-based ballistic rockets of "Pukguksong" series were produced in our own style to meet their peculiar operational missions. This gave a clearer description of the status of our state as a nuclear weapons state and enabled it to cement its strong and reliable strategic deterrent for coping with any threat by establishing a perfect nuclear shield.

In the period under review the already accumulated nuclear technology underwent a rapid development to minimize and standardize nuclear weapons and make them tactical ones and complete the development of a super-large hydrogen bomb. By succeeding in the test-fire of the ICBM "Hwasong-15" on November 29, 2017, the Party Central Committee declared with pride to the world the accomplishment of the historic cause of building a state nuclear force and the cause of building a rocket power.

The accomplishment of the great cause of building a state nuclear force, which is impossible even in 20 to 30 years in terms of existing formula, was witnessed four years after the line of simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the building of a nuclear force was set forth and one year after the 7th Congress of the Party. This is a miracle unprecedented in history and the exploit of greatest significance in the history of the Korean nation the 7th Central Committee performed for the Party and the revolution, the country and its people and posterity.

The Party Central Committee achieved new great victories by vigorously leading the struggle for rapidly developing the nuclear force even after the great historic November event in 2017.

Recalling that the Party Central Committee decided to develop a global strike rocket with more powerful warheads and an improved warhead control system and carried out this historic task by relying on the patriotism and loyalty of the national defence scientists, the report affirmed that the new type gigantic rocket on a 11-axis self-propelled launcher displayed during the military parade marking the 75th founding anniversary of the Party fully demonstrated the strike capability of our ultra-modern nuclear force.

The accomplishment of the great cause of building a state nuclear force and its continued development is a victory of the organizing ability and leadership of the Party Central Committee headed by the Supreme Leader and a great victory of the national defence scientists and all Koreans who waged a death-defying struggle with an indomitable faith in independence and strong spirit.

The report reviewed the fact that new cutting-edge weapon systems were developed in the field of national defence science one after another to cope with the enemy's desperate arms buildup, thus making our state's superiority in military technology an irreversible one and putting its war deterrent and capability for fighting a war on the highest level.

The super-large MLRS, a super-power attack weapon never to be seen in the world history of weapons, was developed in the field of national defence science, which was followed by the development of ultra-modern tactical nuclear weapons including new type tactical rockets and intermediate-range cruise missiles with the most powerful warheads in the world. This enabled us to seize a creditable edge in military technology.

National defence scientists and workers in munitions industry properly fixed the orientation of developing main tank of our style following the world's development trends, remodeled production processes and began to enter a new phase of its development. They also achieved such successes as developing world-class anti-air rocket complex, self-propelled gun howitzer and anti-armor weapons.

The report also noted that in the period under review the field of national defense scientific research has conducted the research for perfecting the guidance technology for multi-warhead rocket at the final stage, finished the research into development of warheads of different combat missions including the supersonic gliding flight warheads for new type ballistic rockets and is making preparations for their test and production.

It was made public with pride that the standard of the goal in the modernization of medium-sized submarine was set correctly and it was remodeled experimentally to open up a bright prospect for conspicuously enhancing the existing subsurface operational capabilities of our naval forces, that the study of the designing of new nuclear-powered submarine was in the stage of final examination after its completion and the designing of diverse electronic weapons, unmanned striking equipment, means of reconnaissance and detection and military reconnaissance satellite were completed, and that other achievements were made in the national defence researches of gigantic significance in developing the People's Army into a powerful one equipped with the strongest military muscle in the world.

The report evaluated that the bold leaping development made in the national defence science and munitions industry made sure that state defence capabilities ranked among those of the greatest in the world, and it was, at the same time, of great significance in realizing the strategic plan of the Party Central Committee to develop the overall Korean revolution.

The report said that the great advance was made in the work of turning the People's Army into the elite forces in the period under review.

Under the leadership of the Party, the People's Army has performed feats and miracles on two fronts of national defence and socialist construction to faithfully accomplish its revolutionary duty, and reliably defended the land, the air and the seas of the country and put the provocative threats by the enemies under definite control and ensured peaceful environment for socialist construction through impregnable guard and with full combat posture in the last five years of the most acute and stern trials.

As the Party Central Committee successfully carried out the great cause of building a state nuclear force and brought about a great change in the strengthening of the state defence capabilities in the period under review, it upraised the country to the position of a world nuclear power and military power in both name and reality and put an end to the era in which big countries tended to make bargain with the interests of our state and nation.

The most significant and proud victory achieved by the 7th Central Committee headed by the Supreme Leader in implementing the decisions of the Party Congress is that it make sure that the people and posterity of the DPRK would create prosperity and happiness to the full in the dignified strong country free from terrible disaster of the war forever.

The Supreme Leader in his report reviewed the rapid development of the DPRK's external position in the period under review.

After the great victory in the line of simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the building of a nuclear force, the Party Central Committee has stepped up external activities to place the state's dignity and prestige on a high level.

In the period under review, the external environment encircling the DPRK was severe, unprecedented in its history since its founding, due to the desperate offensive of the U.S. and its followers characterized by frantic maneuvers to pressurize and blockade the DPRK.

The Party Central Committee has resolutely rejected any attempt to hurt the supreme interests and dignity of the country and never made even a slightest concession in the revolutionary principle, while more firmly adhering to the independent stand despite the worst situation, which made it clear all over the world that the sovereignty of the DPRK can never be infringed upon and the improved relations with it is absolutely impossible without the respect for its sovereignty.

The Party Central Committee has created a trend towards peace and the atmosphere of dialogue, which is accepted by the international community, by making a bold switchover in its line and pursuing offensive strategy, and organized and led adroit external activities to elevate the status of the DPRK in the international arena.

Our Party has prioritized the development of the long-standing and special DPRK-China relations to develop the friendly relations with China as required by the new century and open a new chapter in the DPRK-China friendly relationship with socialism as its core, the report said.

The Party Central Committee has strengthened the strategic communication, promoted mutual understanding and deepened comradely trust between the two parties and thus provided a firm guarantee for fresh development of the DPRK-China relations through five rounds of the DPRK-China summits, based on the demand of the times that required giving continuity to the fraternal friendship and unity between the two parties and two peoples of the two countries which are inseparably bound up with each other in the struggle for common cause.

The Party Central Committee has also provided a cornerstone for the expansion of friendly relations between the DPRK and Russia through external activities for the development of friendly and cooperative relations with Russia, while attaching importance to the fresh development of the traditional DPRK-Russia relations.

Through the DPRK-Cuba Pyongyang summit and the DPRK-Vietnam Hanoi summit, the Party Central Committee developed the bilateral relations, forged and verified in the common struggle for accomplishing the cause of socialism, into the special ones between comrades, the strategic ones, thus rapidly strengthening the unity and solidarity with socialist countries.

The active external activities carried out by the Party Central Committee have given a strong impetus to the socialist cause and demonstrated the prestige and authority of our Party and state, which steer the new political trend of safeguarding independence, justice and peace, all over the world.

The Party Central Committee has brought about a dramatic change in the balance of power between the DPRK and the U.S. during the period under review, thereby wonderfully demonstrating the dignity and prestige of our state.

At the face-to-face meetings of the top leaders of the two countries, the first of its kind in the hostile relations between the two countries, the Party Central Committee yielded with strong stand of independence the joint declaration that assures the establishment of new DPRK-U.S. relationship,.

The several rounds of DPRK-U.S. summit talks came to be event of the greatest concern in the history of world politics, through which the strategic position of the DPRK, which defends its independent interests, peace and justice against a superpower, were manifested worldwide.

During the period under review, the Party Central Committee has exceedingly raised the strategic position and prestige of the DPRK on the basis of the indomitable and transparent independent spirit of our people and the great might stockpiled by the DPRK. And this symbolizes the dignity and authority of the WPK and the position of our great people.

Saying that the rapid rise of the external position of the DPRK, though it is small in territory and population, has been witnessed in the face of the encirclement by the imperialist reactionaries, the report stressed that it is a precious fruition of the long-running hard-fought struggle waged by our Party and people, and a great historic miracle made by the great unity of the people who have believed and upheld the line and policies of the Party as absolute truth and more closely rallied around the Party despite the worsening difficulties.

(To be continued*)

(Pyongyang Times - January 9, 2021)

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