Major construction projects in Kangwon Province

Kangwon Province has concentrated all its efforts on major construction projects.

The province is pushing ahead with the construction of the Kalma Offshore Farm and Wonsan Fish Farm at the final stage.

The construction of the Maebongsan Medical Supplies Factory, Songdowon Cannery, Wonsan Condiments Factory, Phyonggang Tannery and Wonsan Greenhouse Farm is also getting brisk.

The province is directing efforts into earlier completion of Kosong, Sepho and Hoeyang army-people power stations, and pushing forward with the construction and repair of dwelling houses.

Achievements have been witnessed in modernizing and revitalizing factories and enterprises in the field of building-materials industry, including the Chonnaeri and Ryongdam cement factories and Anbyon Ceramic Factory.

(KCNA - December 18, 2020)

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