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Kim Jong Un at Military Parade Speech, October 10, 2020
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at Military Parade Speech, October 10, 2020. (Photo Credit KCNA)

The reality, in which the people are grateful to the devotion and love shown by the Supreme Leader and the leader expresses his thanks to them for leading a healthy and joyful life, made "thanks" the most meaningful word of the year.

"Thanks" is an expression which impressed itself on the minds of all the Korean people in 2020.

This year the DPRK celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea as the most important political holiday. A military parade took place as part of its celebrations, in which Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made a speech and repeatedly "thanked" all the Korean people for celebrating the holiday by overcoming all the difficulties they faced this year, particularly arduous and trying in the 75-year history of the WPK, and for being healthy and free from illness in spite of the world pandemic.

When he mentioned the heartfelt, sincere word in a hoarse voice, all the Korean people wept silent tears, saying it was the Supreme Leader who should receive their grateful thanks.

In fact, "thanks" is a common word so much used in everyday life in the DPRK, but its meaning was much more amplified this year as it was eventful and difficult.

It is the most important Party and state affair in the DPRK to defend the life and security of the people and provide them with happy living. Therefore, a state infectious disease prevention system was already declared in it before COVID-19 caused a world health crisis and the pandemic prevention was the number one issue in Party and state activities.

When unprecedented natural disasters hit the country in succession causing heavy damage throughout the country, the WPK came up closer to the people who were suffering difficulties and took all necessary measures to provide them with a stable life. Korean People's Army soldiers and the elite divisions of Party members from the capital city were dispatched to the disaster-stricken areas and houses furnished with all household goods provided to flood victims gratis. As a result, they expressed their gratitude to the country full of excitement and joy.

Dance to thankful joy of moving to new houses, Kwangchon area, December 27, 2020
Latest dance to thankful joy of moving to new houses, Kwangchon area, December 27, 2020. (Photo Credit KCNA)

(KCNA - December 29, 2020)

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