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Diginity of Korean Nation
Dignity of Korean Nation. (File Photo)

By Uriminzokkiri

December 28 is the day when the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il published the immortal classic work "Let Us Highly Display the Korean-Nation-First Spirit". (1)

We greet this day in the general onward march to open a new path for socialist construction. All the workers in our Republic are firmly caused to bring about great innovation and quantum leap with a national pride stronger than ever before.

The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il instructed:

"This [Korean-nation-first] spirit makes it possible for them to have an attitude of valuing their own thing and, solve all problems through their own efforts by relying on their own strength, and with this attitude, display to the full their creative talents and enthusiasm." (2)

The work of Chairman Kim Jong Il was the speech addressed to the senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on December 28, Juche 78 (1989).

It encourages and inspires our people to keep the pride of holding the preeminent leader in highest esteem from generation to generation and advance bravely following the immutable course of prosperity based on our own strength.

The Korean-naton-first spirit!

Our people can boast of the Korean nation as the best in the world because we have the guidance of the great leader, the leadership of the great Party, the great Juche idea, and the most superior socialist system.

Our people through real-life experiences keenly realized that our nation can acclaim its honor in all fields of activity. We have the genuine leadership, the accurate guiding idea of the Party and the leader, and a superior socialist system.

In his speech the Chairman said: It is not easy to build up the dignity and honor of the nation, but it is more difficult to preserve them and brighten them further.

He proudly told us that the trait of our people, who are optimistic and hard-working, is to refrain from losing heart when backward and from being complacent when advanced.

As the Chairman taught us, our people are revolutionary people with high national pride. We are strong in terms of independence and creativity. We are building a socialist power with our style, our strength and technology.

All members of society uplift high the motto of "Let us live in our own way," and thoroughly implement the struggle method and creation example of our own style. Even if it is a small one, we create a new and advanced one, corresponding to our situation. Our every creation is creasing the century at the speed of the leap. We can double the pace of our revolution.

On this day, the Chairman emphasized the importance of thoroughly embodying the Korean-nation-first spirit in all areas of socialist construction.

He advised us that even if we manufacture a product and construct a building, we must do it better than others, and instructed us:

By exerting higher the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and indefatigable fortitude, we have to strengthen the Juche character and the independent character of the national economy. If our products are somewhat inferior to others, we must work harder in order to place them over the advanced level of the world as soon as possible. We have to love ours and make them better than others.

Love yours!

The teaching of the Chairman prompts us all even today: Only those who love and value theirs can develop them with all their creative wisdom and strength. With such people's hundredfold increase of power, the homeland can become richer and more powerful.


We value ours and shine ours brightly. Hither is the genuine patriotism that defends the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea. With tremendous achievements of the 80-day campaign, we will glorify the dignity of our country and homeland and accelerate prosperity of the Korean nation.

(Uriminzokkiri - December 28, 2020)

(1) Let Us Highly Display the Korean-Nation-First Spirit (.pdf)

(2) Let Us Further Enhance the Role of Intellectuals in the Revolution and Construction (.pdf)

* Full translation by Google AI machine before KR's minimal editing.

Let Us Highly Display the Korean-Nation-First Spirit

Introduction by Sera-Jade at KFA

In this address, Kim Jong Il describes the characteristics of the Korean-Nation-First Spirit while also describing the pitfalls of racism, white supremacy, and imperialism.

KJI also denounces the idea of 'Korean ethnic superiority' plus other ethnonationalist beliefs, and debunks the idea that Koreans are propagandised to believe they are NUMBER ONE in the world, instead preaching a humble and modest anti-racist spirit of unity, co-operation, and respect with all oppressed peoples.

You can listen to the highlights of this speech in this video, or read the transcript in full here:

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