Ask peace in Korean Peninsula

By Pyol Kum

"Ensuring that the US-North Korea relationship doesn't slide back to the brinkmanship that brought us to the edge of the nuclear abyss in 2017 should be a top priority [of the Biden administration]."

Hyun Lee
Hyun Lee

Hyun Lee said this in her opinion article "US must commit to arms reduction if it wants North Korea to do so" published by the Truthout on Moday.

The writer is the US national organizer for Women Cross DMZ and Korea Peace Now! — a global campaign of women mobilizing to end the Korean War. Her voice can be heard at the link to the podcasting "Why not have peace with North Korea?"

According to Hyun's opinion how to reduce the threat of nuclear war with North Korea and preserve the option of resuming talks in the future, the Biden administration can do two things in its first 100 days: one, continue the suspension of the large-scale US-South Korean joint war drills; and two, start a strategic review of its North Korea policy that begins with the question, "How do we get to permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula?"

She wrote that the Biden administration should look back at — and acknowledge — the agreements the US has already signed with North Korea.

  1. The U.S.-DPRK Joint Communique (signed by the Clinton administration in 2000)
  2. The Six-Party Joint Statement (signed by the Bush administration in 2005)
  3. The Singapore Joint Statement (signed by President Trump in 2018)

According to her observation, all have three goals in common: establish normal relations, build a permanent peace regime on the Korean Peninsula and denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

"The Biden team needs a road map that clearly outlines the relationship between these three important goals," she said just before her conclusion as shown in the opening paragraph of this post.

Hyun is similar to Christine (Women Cross DMZ) and Jessica (First 100 Days in Office) to some extent in her dedication to establishing the permanent peace in the Korean Peninsula.

Whether or not Biden lends his ears to Hyun Lee, the full text will remain for years for a diplomatic breakthrough.

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