Kim Jong Un, nine years of supreme commander

Originally published by Nizhegorodskaya Pravda

Kim Jong Un speech at military parade October 10, 2020

Nine years have passed since Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un assumed the supreme commandership of the armed forces of the DPRK on December 30, 2011.

These were the years of the manifestation of the fullness of his personal qualities as an outstanding supreme commander-in-chief.

Kim Jong Un has further strengthened the KPA as an army strong in ideas and morals.

He attached primary importance to the ideological-political readiness of the People's Army and paid serious attention to its improvement. He did his utmost to turn all the servicemen of the People's Army into the ones strong in ideas and convictions. They passionately love their homeland and people and reliably defend the great cause of socialism. This made it possible to respond to hostile forces' "doctrine of weapon superiority" with the ideological-political and moral-spiritual superiority.

He strengthened and developed the KPA as an army with distinctive tactics and strategies and methods of combat.

He, seeing in improving the quality of training the main key to further building up the power of the People's Army, urged the entire army to powerfully fan the flame of combat drill. He, saying that modern warfare is the brain battle of commanders, developed the tactical and strategic outlook of the commanding arts. He personally supervised on-site exercises of all types and branches of troops to strike to increase their operational and command capabilities. And here is the result: there was a radical change in the form, content, and method of the People's Army drills. The movement for becoming a crack shot, the flame of which was lit by Kim Jong Un, has taken on a momentum. All KPA soldiers and officers have mastered modern warfare and become combatants with a real fighting acumen, fully capable of practical combat operations.

He made special efforts to develop weapons and materiels for the People's Army.

Under his leadership, scientists in the field of defense and workers in the munitions industry of the country have continuously achieved miraculous successes that amaze the whole world in developing the latest weapons. On October 10, in celebration of the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK, a military parade was held where top-class strategic weapons and other advanced ones were demonstrated. This served as a good example for a clear understanding of the DPRK's military deterrent created under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

In his speech at the military parade, Kim Jong Un declared:

"But, if, and if, any forces infringe upon the security of our state and attempt to have recourse to military force against us, I will enlist all our most powerful offensive strength in advance to punish them."

(Nizhegorodskaya Pravda - December 24, 2020)

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