Great leadership etched with noble moral obligation

Kim Jong Un Has with Participants in 5th War Veterans Conference, July 27, 2018.
Kim Jong Un with Participants in 5th War Veterans Conference, July 27, 2018. (Photo Credit KCNA)

By Kim Chol Ryong
Rodong Sinmun

We are greeting the 25th anniversary of the publication of Chairman Kim Jong Il's work "Respecting the Forerunners of the Revolution Is a Noble Moral Obligation of Revolutionaries."

The work, published on December 25, Juche 84 (1995), deals with the idea that to preserve and successfully carry forward the ideas and exploits of the forerunners of the revolution are fundamental to the victorious advance of the revolution and the socialist perfection of man.

The Chairman set a brilliant example of accomplishing the cause of immortalizing the leader for the first time in the world history and achieved the unity and cohesion of the revolutionary ranks based on noble moral obligation and warm comradeship.

Such immortal exploits are etched in the history of the Party and the revolution.

The great traditions of the revolutionary moral obligation have been more vigorously carried forward by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The Supreme Leader is the greatest incarnation of revolutionary moral obligation who has successfully carried forward the ideas and exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

He, deeming it as a lifeline to implement the behests of the great leaders, has oriented his every work toward realizing their patriotic desire for building a powerful country.

He regards the glorious revolutionary traditions of our Party as the lifeblood linking one generation to another and ever-lasting foundation. His wise guidance ensures that all the people respect the forerunners of the revolution out of not only sense of duty or responsibility but also revolutionary and moral obligations.

Thanks to his leadership, the Korean people and the service personnel of the People's Army have grown up to be resolute revolutionary fighters strong in the spirit of the blizzards of Paektu and the spirit of devotedly defending the country, performing new miracles and feats on all fronts for socialist construction by dint of their indomitable spiritual power.

Our revolutionary cause will always emerge victorious as we successfully carry forward the noble fighting spirit and traditions of the revolutionary forerunners.

(KCNA - December 25, 2020)

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