Japanese reactionaries' desperate moves to shun atonement

Central Class Education House, Pyongyang
Central Class Education House, Pyongyang, exhibits materials of past crimes committed by Japan: During their military occupation of Korea from 1905 to 1945, the Japanese imperialists killed over one million Koreans, forcibly drafted 8.4 million people and forced more than 200 000 women to serve as sexual slaves. (File Photo Credit Uriminzokkiri)


The Japanese reactionaries are working hard to avoid atonement for the past crimes.

Recently, the Japanese rightist "group for making new history books" submitted a written request to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, in which it asked the ministry to urge the relevant publishing houses to erase the contents regarding "comfort women for the Japanese army" from the history books of secondary schools.

The group, in cahoots with other rightist organizations, is waging so-called lobbying to make sure that the contents concerning the issue of sexual slavery enforced by the Imperial Japanese Army are deleted from the textbooks.

Lurking behind the ultra-right conservative group's farce instigated by the Japanese reactionaries is a sly artifice to give impression that all the things regarding the complication of history textbooks are done at the request of a non-governmental organization.

In the last century Japan occupied Korea by force, abducted and forcibly drafted millions of Koreans to battlefields for its wars of aggression and slave labor sites, brutally slaughtered them and forced sexual slavery on many Korean women.

But such heinous crimes are not mentioned in the "new history textbooks."

Worse still, the books describe the Tok Island, an inalienable territorial part of Korea, as "a part of Japanese soil" and term the wars of aggression that gave untold misfortune and sufferings upon the Asian peoples as "wars for self-defense and liberation".

Such cunning moves of the Japanese reactionaries to justify its distortion of history as "public request" is an open challenge to the Korean nation.

Thongil Sinbo, July 18, 2020
Japan's Historical Crimes of Sexual Slavery Cannot Be Hidden. (Screenshot of Thongil Sinbo dated July 18, 2020)

(KCNA - December 24, 2020)

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