Un A returns to YouTube

Un A on Youtube, December 22, 2020
(Screenshot Un A's YouTube Video)

By Pyo Kum

English-speaking Un A returns to YouTube with a new channel "Echo of Truth Returns" on Tuesday.

Her old channel "Echo of Truth" was terminated earlier this month. I didn't know that until December 12.

Un A's old channel 'Echo of Truth' terminated
Click the image to view my old post adorned with a gem video as it is. (Screenshot Un A's Old Channel)

I had linked three or more Un A's videos that Google blacked out later.

Anyway, she came back with the video titled "Real Echo of Truth tells the truth!"

Real Echo of Truth tells the truth!

In the video she defined her position. I took dictation as follows:


This is Un A from Pyongyang.

Recently, the "Echo of Truth", the YouTube channel, where my videos were uploaded was blocked for an unspecified reason.

All I know it was blocked in violation of Google policy, although I don't remember myself blaming anyone or spreading false news in my videos.

And to make things worse, an unidentified YouTuber started impersonating the "Echo of Truth" channel, plagiarizing the name, logo, and all its contents, right after the original one was blocked.

Yet everyone has the right to know the truth.

The reason I started this work was to correct the delusive information regarding my homeland.

And I thought I could at least try and show people what it's really like here in my country, and what ordinary Koreans think about.

Then what could be more convincing than a voice of a local citizen like me?

Anyway, I'd like to thank all subscribers and visitors to "Echo of Truth" for your love, support and encouraging comments.

If you are watching this video, you are the very echo of truth.

Hope to see you again.

Thank you.

I laboured because I'm afraid that Google may repeat the tyranny no matter how she does the right thing.

This is her new channel in YouTube.

Un A's new channel as of December 22, 2020
(Screeshot Un A's New Channel in YouTube)

Still, the "impersonating" channel uploaded Un A's latest video just two hours later. (Please go to YouTube and find it. Do not refer to the time stamp in this page. And as of 6:22 AM, the uploading time is almost same. Time stamp changed, maybe due to backdating.)

Impersonating channel as of December 22, 2020
(Screenshot "Impersonating" Channel in YouTube)

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