Top-class emergency anti-epidemic state maintained

Anti-epideic measures at Phyongchon Disrict and Raknang Health Complex
Anti-epidemic activities at Phyongchon Disrict and Raknang Health Complex, Pyongyang. (Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

All sectors and units are waging an intensive drive to firmly consolidate the anti-epidemic walls.

The central anti-epidemic sector is paying primary attention to making sure that all citizens maintain the highest vigilance and unity of action to cope with the global health crisis.

Emergency anti-epidemic units in all provinces, cities and counties urge the members of anti-epidemic posts to enhance their responsibility and tightened their control over those handling supplies through intensified education, so that state anti-epidemic measures are strictly observed.

Hygienic and anti-epidemic and epizootic prevention organs at all levels tighten their surveillance over seasonal birds and inspection of their habitats so as to thoroughly check the inroads of COVID-19.

Public health organs urge the medical workers in charge of households to enhance their responsibilities in regularly carrying out medical checkups for the elderly, children and patients with chronic diseases, find in time residents with fever and respiratory diseases and take immediate steps for curing them after pinpointing their causes.

Education institutions and scientific research institutes are putting efforts on the study and introduction of effective disinfectants and sterilization methods indispensable for cementing the anti-epidemic walls.

All citizens are urged to regard wearing of masks and sterilization of their hands as part of their life and voluntarily observe the anti-epidemic protocols in their work places and houses.

(KCNA - December 23, 2020)

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