Nam Gate of Kaesong

Nam Gate of Kaesong
(Photo Credit Uriminzokkiri)

Located in Pugan-dong, Kaesong, the gate was erected between 1391 and 1393 and repaired in 1899.

It consists of an embankment, which was piled up methodically with rectangular granite blocks, and a gatehouse built on it.

In the middle of the embankment there is an arched gateway which was constructed by putting big stones on both basements and then piling smaller stones in a half circle like a fan.

The battlement rims the top of the embankment, whose four corners are outlets for rainwater.

The gatehouse is 13.63 metres in width and 7.96 metres in length. Supported by wooden pillars based on stone ones, it is painted gorgeously in red and blue with a hip-saddle roof.

In the gatehouse hangs the Bell of the Yonbok Temple. Decorations on its outer surface are elegant and graceful, and its ringing sound is so beautiful and clear that it can be heard even over 40 kilometres away, it is said. The copper-alloy bell is one of the five famous bells of Korea, and testifies to the high metal casting and toreutic art of Koryo.

On June 23, 2013 it was registered in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage as it is a valuable historical relic representing a high level of architecture of Korea.

(Uriminzokkiri - December 20, 2020)

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