End Korean War by April 29

By Pyol Kum

"President Biden should use the first hundred days in office to declare the Korean War over and advance a peace treaty with adversaries of the Korean War."

Jessica J Lee
Jessica J Lee
Jessica J Lee said this in her opinion article "It’s time to end the Korean War" published by the American Prospect on Monday.

She is a senior research fellow in the East Asia Program at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. (@JessLee_DC in twitter)

According to her wisdom, there are three reasons the Biden administration should finally declare the Korean War over and replace the armistice with a peace treaty:

First, it would tap into the growing bipartisan call for ending endless wars.

Secondly, declaring the original “forever war” over would align President Biden with the American public, which does not want conflict with North Korea.

Third, formally ending the Korean War could lead to a more cooperative relationship with Pyongyang, ...

Just before presenting aforementioned conclusion, she said that formally ending the Korean War could catalyze both the peace process and the denuclearization process to follow, and better protect America’s national-security interests.

Whether or not Biden lends his ears to Jessica J Lee, the full text will remain for years for a diplomatic breakthrough.

By the way, I considered date with a new year's calendar to find that the first hundredth day in office of the new president of the US would fall on April 29. It is my first impression that the writer is generous with time.

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