Coal mines attain yearly economic plan

Coal miners at Ryongdung Coal Mine
Miners at Ryongdung Coal Mine under Kujang Area Coal Mining Complex. (Screenshot KCTV December 1, 2020)

A productive upswing is being effected in the coal industrial sector of the DPRK through the 80-day campaign.

According to data available, Anju and Chonnae area coal mining complexes and 10-odd coal mines carried out their yearly production plans.

The above-said coal mines have raised the operation rate of mining equipment to the maximum while extending the preparatory cutting faces through continuous drilling and blasting. They also introduced advanced tunneling and hewing methods and launched a brisk socialist emulation to record high results in daily coal production.

Meanwhile, other coal mining complexes and coal mines across the country have striven to fulfill their yearly economic plans.

(KCNA - December 22, 2020)

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