Might of harmonious whole displayed in DPRK this year

Mother Party
Mother Party and Juche Socialism: Scenes from public procession in celebration of 75th founding anniversary of WPK, October 2020. (Photo Credit KCNA)

The harmonious whole of the DPRK has been further strengthened through the struggle for braving difficulties.

Juche 109 (2020) has been a significant year that fully demonstrated the might of the harmonious whole of all the Korean people closely rallied around the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

The DPRK people launched an offensive for making a breakthrough head-on full of fresh confidence, true to the great programme for opening up a broad avenue for the victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche and the decision on splendidly celebrating the 75th birthday of the WPK adopted at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh WPK Central Committee at the end of last year.

From its start, this all-people grand march faced difficulties caused by the worldwide health crisis and unprecedented natural disasters.

However, the DPRK people brought about great miracles and changes by overcoming the manifold hardships under the wise guidance of the WPK.

At major meetings of the Party Central Committee, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un took important steps one after another to protect the people's life and security, and took the revolutionary measures to heal the flood damage and provide the inhabitants in the flood-hit areas with stable living conditions.

Going round the disaster-stricken areas including flood-hit Taechong-ri in Unpha County of North Hwanghae Province and typhoon-affected areas in South Hamgyong Province, the Supreme Leader indicated in detail the tasks and ways for stabilizing the inhabitants' living. He rapidly dispatched the divisions of Party members from the capital city and service personnel to the disaster-stricken areas and visited the rehabilitation sites to inspire their struggle.

Thanks to the tender care of the Supreme Leader who sets it as an important issue to safeguard the life and safety of the people and takes care of those suffering from misfortune, the security of the country and the people was reliably defended and better villages appeared. Overcoming the difficulties, the people could be rallied closer around the great Party and greet its 75th birthday as a festival of victors under its guidance.

The Korean people are now hastening the 80-day campaign to glorify the Eighth Congress of the WPK, in the same surging spirit as displayed in significantly celebrating its 75th anniversary.

This year's struggle shows that there are neither difficulties insurmountable nor fortress unconquerable for the Korean people as they have formed an integrated whole with the leader.

(KCNA - December 20, 2020)

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