Aesthetic unboundedness of the DPRK

DPRK oil painting in Changzhou exhibition
North Korean aestheticism in Changzhou exhibition. (Fair Use Photo Credit Sheng Shi Jin Zhao)

By Pyol Kum

According to a blog in The Paper (澎湃新闻, Pengpai Xinwen), Chinese online news portal, contemporary North Korean oil painting exhibition is ongoing in Changzhou from November 23 to December 30.

"Aesthetic Unboundedness" (惟美无界) is the main title of the exhibition.

Will there be no contradiction between aesthecism and Korean-style socialist realism?

For the anwer to my silly question, the introduction written by the blogger Sheng Shi Jin Zhao (盛世今朝) is readable.

He wrote a short introduction on November 23:

"For a person who has no artistic flavor, visiting an art exhibition is really a boring thing. A quick glance at the exhibition is like completing tasks or mumbling to pretend to cultivate sentiment. However, walking into this exhibition of contemporary North Korean oil painting works of the "only beauty without boundaries" gives people a refreshing and refreshing feeling."

He wrote a longer one on December 10 as follows:

Life of splendid variety; Art of special love

In this "Only Beauty Without Boundaries-Contemporary North Korean Oil Painting Works Exhibition-Changzhou 2020" (惟美无界—当代朝鲜油画精品展 · 常州2020), the works are not only touching by the trickle of water, but also with heroism that makes people sigh. We can feel the feelings of the North Korean people more, with love, admiration, and more profound gratitude.

This exhibition selects the works of North Korean artists who have attracted widespread attention in the international art market in recent years. The content of the works cover different themes such as landscapes, characters, animals, etc., and more comprehensively demonstrate the solid painting and realistic style of North Korean artists, returning to the original mood, unique emotional interpretation, and strong national customs. It also shows the Korean national culture and art characteristics from different angles, which is of great appreciation and collection value.

Pure beauty is the main aesthetic orientation of North Korean landscape oil paintings. Pure beauty originates from the absence of distractions when facing natural landscapes, and is only moved by the beauty of nature and has a clear heart. In particular, the painter's state of selflessness in the state of sketching, only needs to mobilize learning and training, and brush the canvas. It is said that North Korean painters have no distracting thoughts when facing the landscape, because apart from realism or realist methodology, North Korean artists will not be blinded by the art world. You only need to repeatedly experience the original scenery as you can see, instead of collecting pictures and tracing in the studio. As far as landscape oil painting is concerned, pure beauty has become the mark of North Korean painters.

Exhibition time: 2020.11.23—2020.12.19 (8:30-20:30 holidays)

Exhibition location: Changzhou Modern Media Center, 1st floor lobby (North of the Municipal Government, No. 1590 Longjin Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City)

Find exhibition detail with many samples at Sheng Shi Jin Zhao

* Google AI translation from Chinese text before my minimal editing.

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