On the pretext of 'protection of Japanese'

Korean Wrath

The Japanese Self-Defence Forces recently conducted a drill of evacuating Japanese from the terror-hit and disputed areas to safe place.

It was reportedly staged in the way of repulsing the "mobs" who encircled a Japanese school and evacuating the Japanese in it by vehicles, with an involvement of about 270 military personnel.

Though the Japanese defence ministry explained that it was not aimed at any particular country or region in a statement on December 2, Sankei Shimbun commented that it seems they staged the drill with the emergency in the Korean peninsula and China in mind.

It is no accident. The DPRK and China are the worst enemy states of Japan, as well as the targets of its annual joint military drills with the allies.

According to the security-related law enforced since 2016, the SDF has assumed an additional duty to "protect Japanese people". Given that it allows the use of arms "within the limits of judging it reasonably necessary for a compelling reason" for the protection of Japanese, the recent drill cannot be construed as a simple training.

It is truly an act against the current constitution that Japan intends to dispatch its troops to the third countries, namely the Korean peninsula, China and the Middle East and use arms under the cloak of the "protection of Japanese".

The drill started four years ago and the recent one was the 12th round, which means three rounds a year on average.

Japan has conducted such a drill involving not only military personnel but also civilians three times a year and opened them to the press. Then, why?

Experts on international affairs say that it is mainly aimed at justifying the government’s attempts at building a military power by constantly inciting confrontation among the people and causing anxiety and fear in society.

(Pyongyang Times - December 19, 2020)

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