Peculiar costume of Korean women

National costume of Korean women
Fashion Models at Ulmil Pavilion on Moran Hill. (Screenshot KCTV)

Chima (skirt) and jogori (jacket) is a national costume of the Korean women.

In this regard, Rim Sun Ae, an engineer of the Garment Institute under the Academy of Light Industry, told KCNA:

The Korean chima and jogori is very peculiar according to cloth, color combination and pattern decoration.

In making the traditional costume, ramie cloth and thin silk are fit for summer, such soft fabrics as figured satin and polychromatic silk for spring and autumn, and velvet for winter.

Skirt and jacket of different color are well matched. White, light green and light yellow jackets go well with crimson and blue skirts. In particular, green or yellow silk jacket matches well with crimson skirt.

Patterns of crane, butterfly, flower, etc., too, add beauty to the national costume.

(KCNA - December 18, 2020)

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