Concert given by National Symphony Orchestra

KJI Memorial Concert by NSO, December 17, 2020
KJI Memorial Concert. (Photo Credit KCNA)

A concert was given by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Moranbong Theatre on Thursday, the greatest national memorial day.

Put on the stage of the concert, which began with orchestral prelude "Ode to Comrade Kim Jong Il", were such numbers as orchestral music "The Sound of a Horse's Hooves in Mt. Paektu" and "The General Is the Destiny of Korea."

The performers represented high praise of the revolutionary career of the Chairman who continued his forced march for field guidance day and night to the end of his life, regarding it as his maxim to believe in the people as in Heaven.

The repertoire also included the numbers lauding the Chairman who dedicated himself to the happiness of his beloved people and the rising generations through his ceaseless journey for the Songun leadership, and those reflecting the will of the people to realize his patriotic desire for building a powerful nation.

Citizens in Pyongyang watched the concert.

(KCNA - December 17, 2020)

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