Revolutionary career of Kim Jong Il

Floral Tribute: People from all walks of life lay flower baskets and bouquets at the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il. (Photo Credit Pyongyang Times)

By Hong Jin Hyok
Rodong Sinmun

Chairman Kim Jong Il was the tender-hearted father of the Korean people, who devoted his whole life to the happiness of them with his warm love for them.

Kim Jong Il's revolutionary life was the sacred one devoted to firmly defending the dignity and destiny of the people.

He always placed the people in his heart, regarding their demand and interests as the starting point and the single criterion of his thinking and activities.

The undying feats he performed by firmly defending and adding luster to the people's dignity and destiny are the great ones to be lauded by the country and the nation generation after generation, and herein lies his peerless greatness as a great leader of the people.

His revolutionary career is the history of his forced march for field guidance for the happiness of the people.

His greatest wish and desire was to provide the happiest life to the people.

He continued his forced march to bring the rosy future of the country as early as possible. The world history has never witnessed a leader like him who devoted his whole life to leading the revolution, continued his field guidance for the people even on holidays and his birthday and passed away in the people-bound train.

Indeed, his revolutionary life was the one of the peerless patriot who regarded the people's trust and expectations as his best wealth and dedicated himself to defending and serving them.

(KCNA - December 17, 2020)

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