Coal output increases in DPRK

The Chonsong Youth Coal Mine
Charge of Loyalty at the Chonsong Youth Coal Mine. (File Photo Credit Rodong Sinmun)

The coal industrial sector of the DPRK is increasing the production through the on-going 80-day campaign.

According to data available from the Ministry of Coal Industry, tens of thousands more tons of coal were produced than the plan as of the middle of December.

Coal mines in the western area of the country have made innovation in the production.

The Sunchon Area Youth Coal Mining Complex introduced various hewing methods to finish its yearly production plan ahead of schedule. The Pukchang Area Youth Coal Mining Complex and Tokchon and Kujang area coal mining complexes have carried out their daily production plan at over 105 percent.

Such productive upswing is witnessed at the Hamnam Area Coal Mining Complex and other coal mining complexes in the eastern area of the country, too.

(KCNA - December 17, 2020)

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