Legacy of Kim Jong Il

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Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il left an immense legacy to his people, which will guarantee the eternal foundation and bright future of socialist Korea. He glorified the Juche idea, the Songun idea, as the eternal guiding idea of Korea, as the great idea of the era of independence.

Born with an extraordinary ideological and theoretical intelligence, he energetically led a patriotic activity since he was young. In the course of his work, he formulated the revolutionary idea of the founder of socialist Korea, President Kim Il Sung, as an integral system of the idea, theory and method of Juche.

Kim Jong Il wrote many scientific works. In the primary work, "On the Juche Idea" (March 1982), he significantly deepened and developed the Juche idea. He supplemented the ideas of President Kim Il Sung on the priority of the development of weapons and military affairs. Keeping pace with the new times, he forged from the Songun idea the all-conquering sword in the matter of independence. Through Kim Jong Il's energetic endeavor, the Juche idea, the Songun idea, began to shine as the great guiding idea of the era of self-reliance.

It is this ideological and theoretical legacy that Kim Jong Il left to all progressive humanity. It remains the main value for the Korean people.

For more than 50 years at the helm of the Party, Kim Jong Il has turned the Workers' Party of Korea into the mighty guiding force of the revolution, the DPRK into the indestructible socialist state, and the Korean People's Army into the invincible armed forces.

While at the helm, he created a model for the ruling party under socialism. Under his energetic leadership, the WPK demonstrated its dignity as a militant party, with a high level of organization and discipline. It reliably embodies the image of a mother-party, fully responsible for the fate of the masses and at the same time warmly taking care of their lives. Moreover, the issue of leadership succession was brilliantly resolved.

Kim Jong Il paid primary attention to strengthening the country's defence and, with his continuous military inspections, comprehensively strengthened the power of the KPA. In addition, he carried out rearmament at a new, higher, level, which made it possible to turn the entire country into an impregnable fortress.

Under his wise leadership, the DPRK has become a powerful country with nuclear weapons, which is now not afraid of even the nuclear threat of the imperialists. The KPA has grown into a mighty army, reinforced by ideas and beliefs, capable of fighting the enemy on a one-to-one basis and ready for anything: both defence and attack.

Policy Based on People-First Principle

The policy of love and trust created by him turned the entire community into one big family, and the country into a power with a high level of ideological and political preparation, where the unanimity and cohesion of the entire people was realized.

As a result, the DPRK has created an eternal foundation for the successful, final accomplishment of the cause of socialism in any fierce storms of history.

It is no coincidence that the Korean people deeply respect Kim Jong Il as the eternal General Secretary of the WPK and as the eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission. Kim Jong Il has created an eternal foundation for building a powerful and prosperous socialist state. Selflessly managing affairs on the ground, he created all the conditions for building a powerful and prosperous state of victorious socialism.

National Economy

With the introduction of computer numerical control (CNC) into mechanical engineering, the era of the industrial revolution of the new century began. Under the careful leadership of Kim Jong Il, the DPRK has revealed the amazing reality of the transition to the era of the knowledge economy.

The mass production of ultra-modern CNC metal-cutting machines began, the Juche-iron smelting system was adopted, which does not need coke and scrap metal, which is a kind of revolution in the history of world metallurgy. The transformation of the Huichon Ryonha Machine Complex, as well as the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm (and many other industrial enterprises) into the most modern in the world, the inclusion of the DPRK in the list of states capable of manufacturing and launching an artificial earth satellite, the modern transformation of Pyongyang and other parts of the country - all this made it possible for the Korean people to be proud of a full life under socialism.

The immortal accomplishments of the respected Kim Jong Il's life will shine as the most invaluable legacy that guarantees the victory of the cause of socialism in the DPRK and the realization of the cause of human independence.

Today, the DPRK has entered a period of historical turning in the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche. It has nominated the respected Kim Jong Un to the highest post of the Party, state and armed forces, invariably continuing the cause of the Songun revolution fostered by Kim Jong Il on the basis of Kim Il Sung's ideas as the eternal Sun of Songun.

* Photo courtesy of the DPRK Consulate General.

(Primorskaya Gazeta - December 11, 2020)

* Translation by AI machines from Yandex, Baidu, and Google with KR's minimal editing.

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