Separatists should be punished

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By Kim Il Chol
Member of the Korea-China Association for Civil Exchange Promotion

A few days ago, a court in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has sentenced to imprisonment the "Hong Kong independence" activists who were fueling social unrest, racketing about "freedom" and "democracy."

What goes around comes around. Those who indulged in misdeeds, turning their back to the public sentiment, have received due legal punishment.

This came to the Hong Kong citizens as so a heartening news that they celebrated the judgment by opening champagnes in relief as if a rotten tooth was extracted.

In June last year, the separatists staged demonstration spree by inciting citizens under the signboard of protesting the revision of Law on Surrender of Criminals. They continued unhesitatingly to commit acts of violence, highly elated by the urging and protection of outside forces, thus not only harming the development and stability of Hong Kong society but also gravely threatening the sovereignty and security of China.

At the beginning of this year, they also viciously slandered the anti-epidemic measures taken by the central government of China and the Hong Kong government, and created artificial obstacles and difficulties ahead of the governments' anti-epidemic efforts by staging ceaseless violent protests, as if they were blessed with an opportune time, when the Party and government of China had been undergoing temporary difficulty due to the COVID-19.

However, no amount of sly tricks played by a handful of separation forces would buck the trend of the era, aspiring after progress and development, and the more desperately they attempt, the sooner it will incur their self-destruction.

The righteous struggle of the government and people of Hong Kong to achieve social stability on the basis of fair legislation will bear deserved fruits.

(DPRK MFA - December 14, 2020)

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