Climate change that cannot be overlooked

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World Health Organization and World Meteorological Organization in collaboration with institutions and organizations of several countries recently issued a report warning of the danger of climate change which is threatening the socio-economic life, especially human health.

Pointing out that the fallout of climate change permeates wide spectrum of human activities including in the area of economy and public health and that no country would escape this impact, the experts in the report called for an active response by the international society to the crisis of climate change such as destruction of biodiversity.

In November this year, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies also made public that out of 400-plus natural disasters which had damaged tens of millions of people across the world from 2019 to 2020, most were caused by the climate change, and therefore, sustainable measures and investment are more needed to surmount the climate change which might have enormous impact on the planet Earth for a long period.

Global warming has now driven one million species of animals and plants to the brink of extinction, and the continuous thawing of glaciers in the Arctic and the Antarctic causes the rise in sea level. The rise in sea level particularly endangers the island countries and the countries with low sea level.

Besides, the frequent heat wave, forest fire, torrential rain and strong wind in many parts of the world are resulting in destruction of nature, rapid fall in agricultural production etc., inflicting tremendous damage on the economic activities and the life and safety of human beings.

The reality calls for ever more active efforts by all countries without exception in the fight against the climate change.

Climate change, constantly threatening the very survival of humankind, is not an issue to be dealt with by any single country. This is a global issue, and the destiny of posterity, future of humanity depends on how the world tackles the crisis of climate change.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea worked out last year the National Strategy for Protection of Environment and the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction for the period of 2019-2030, and it strives to discharge in good faith its obligation as a signatory to the "Paris Agreement on Climate Change."

Every country and government should refrain from turning a blind eye to the climate change which is posing a great risk to the survival and development of humankind, far from seeking only immediate economic interests, and further increase international collaboration and cooperation for the protection of ecosystem of the planet.

(DPRK MFA - December 14, 2020)

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