Japan's military gets more aggressive

Korean Wrath

Original title: Incumbent follows in predecessor’s militaristic footsteps

After the recent launch of a relay satellite, Japanese Prime Minister Suga said that "the government will make the most of such information-gathering satellites as data relay satellite 1".

It is suggestive of the intention of the new Cabinet to keep spying on its neighbouring countries as its predecessor did.

Meanwhile, the defence ministry has built and launched an ultra-modern escort warship capable of performing anti-submarine, anti-aircraft, anti-warship and anti-mine combat missions in case of emergency, as well as patrol duty in peacetime.

It reportedly plans to build two such ships each year in the future.

These military moves are clear evidence showing that the country is giving further spurs to its bid for overseas invasion.

Japan claims that the buildup of its maritime force is aimed at containing China.

According to the 2020 defence white paper, China's warships, if small frigates are included, outnumber Maritime Self-Defence Force's escort ships.

However, experts say Japan's moderniz.ation of naval forces along with large-scale development and introduction of military hardware capable of both attack and defence is just part of preparations for aggressive war, which is a violation of its constitution and international conventions.

The former chief of staff of the Ground Self-Defence Force already admitted that "it is beyond doubt that Japan is fully combat-ready" and The Wall Street Journal described the Japanese SDF as an army with the best war equipment in the world.

Naming a new escort ship after the light cruiser that belonged to the imperial Japanese navy is a typical example revealing the retaliatory ambition harboured by the descendants of Samurais for reinvasion.

Censuring the current regime for following the militaristic policy of its predecessor, the majority of the Japanese people strongly demand that the "Suga Cabinet advocating the succession of Abe politics refrain from inheriting wrong things".

Japan's military moves getting more aggressive with the advent of the new regime are arousing wariness of the international community, its neighbouring countries in particular.

(Pyongyang Times - December 11, 2020)

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