Mental power of popular masses ensures victory in 80-day campaign

Ideological offensive for the 80-day campaign
Agitprop Wall Poster "Victorious 80-Day Campaign for Defending Party's 8th Congress!" (Photo Credit Uriminzokkiri)

By Ri Kang Ho
Rodong Sinmun

We have a powerful engine for a victory in the ongoing 80-day campaign; the ideological power and spiritual strength of the popular masses who absolutely trust and follow the Party with boundless loyalty to its leadership.

The spiritual strength and politico-ideological might of the popular masses constitute the fundamental factor guaranteeing the vigorous advance of the revolution and prosperity of the country and the nation.

At a crucial time decisive of the success of the revolution, our Party decided to wage the 80-day campaign and has led it with confidence. This is thanks to the great people who absolutely trust and follow it and create everything out of nothing.

There are no difficulties and targets insurmountable when the people strive hard in an indefatigable spirit and by dint of self-reliance, well aware of their historic mission and heavy responsibility.

Our people are indomitable fighters who turn out as one and perform brilliant feats in hearty response to the call of the Party.

The powerful spiritual strength of the people who are boundlessly loyal to the idea and cause of the Party serve as the greatest power of our state and the strongest weapon more powerful than nuclear weapons.

To give full play to the sky-high spirit and enthusiasm of the people is the fundamental way to win a greater victory.

All the officials should dynamically conduct frontline-style political campaign and information activities in various forms and ways, irrespective of time, place, condition and situation, in order to make the revolutionary zeal and militant spirit sweep the country.

(Abridged by KCNA - December 7, 2020)

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