Ambition for invasion imperils Japan security


Korean Wrath

Japan recently launched a relay satellite for transmitting data collected by a spy satellite under the pretext of "security."

Commenting on the launch, Japanese PM Suga said that Japan would do its best to ensure security and tackle crisis through maximum use of the intelligence gathering satellites.

Meanwhile, Japan's Defense Ministry has built and launched an ultra-modern escort warship capable of performing anti-submarine, anti-aircraft, anti-warship and anti-mine combat missions in contingency as well as patrol duty in peace time.

It reportedly plans to build two warships of such type every year in the future.

Such military moves witnessed in the archipelago are a sure sign that the Japanese reactionaries are getting desperate in realizing its wild ambition for overseas invasion.

No matter how much water may flow under the bridge and how frequently one regime may be replaced by another in Japan, it remains unchanged in its militaristic nature.

The present Japanese authorities are further gearing up for reinvasion, openly touting the succession of the policy pursued by the Abe regime hell-bent on turning the island country into a war-capable state during its rule.

Tokyo Shimbun said that the "defense cost", which had successively increased for eight years until 2020 under the Abe regime, would hit an all-time high by exceeding 5 trillion ¥ next year.

The Japanese reactionaries are mulling spending more than 500 billion ¥ on building a new-type Aegis ship, while examining and pushing ahead with the plan of operating the naval Aegis system in which the components of land-based Aegis Ashore are installed on warships or on-the-sea facilities.

Besides, under the pretext of "coping with someone's threat", they have buckled down to developing the next generation stealth fighters. In October, it launched a new-type submarine to be commissioned in the maritime "Self-Defense Force."

The modernization of naval forces along with large-scale development and introduction of military equipment for both attack and defense are just a part of preparations for aggressive war, which runs counter to the Japanese constitution with the principle of "exclusive defense" as its core and the international conventions stipulating the position of a war criminal state.

The former chief of Staff of the ground "Self-Defense Force" had already said that "it is beyond doubt that Japan is fully combat-ready." Wall Street Journal commented that the Japan "Self-Defense Force" is an army with the best war equipment in the world.

Naming the new escort ship after the latest light cruiser of the imperial Japanese navy is a clear proof of the retaliatory ambition being desperately pursued by the descendants of Samurais for reinvasion.

Censuring the Suga regime for following in the footsteps of the Abe regime in pursuance of the aggressive policy for restoring the colonial domination system, the majority of the Japanese people strongly urge it not to "carry forward the wrong policy."

The security of the archipelago nation can be ensured only when it drops the wild ambition for invasion.

Japan is bound to meet bitterer ruin for getting crazy in militarization, oblivious of the lesson from its past defeat.

(KCNA - December 7, 2020)

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