Technological innovation movement gains momentum in DPRK

A national technological innovation competition among the April 15 technological innovation shock brigades in major industrial sectors of the national economy has been underway since February this year.

It has so far witnessed implementation of more than 1 700 technological innovation assignments.

Members of the shock brigades of the Namdok Youth Coal Mine and the Kaechon Coal-mining Machine Factory have introduced 20-odd valuable technological innovations respectively. A lot of realistic and profitable technological innovation successes have been made in the coal industry.

Shock brigades in the electric power industry have contributed to the production of electric power by introducing into production new technological innovation successes including a technological innovation plan for increasing thermal efficiency of boilers.

Shock brigades of the metallurgical industry have lengthened the lifetime of fire-proof materials by developing new refining ladle brick, and introduced dozens of technological innovations including steel ingot coating material.

The April 15 technological innovation shock brigades in the chemical industry, the building-materials industry and the light industry have also made a lot of technological innovations for increasing production and raising the quality of products.

The successes made during the competition show that the movement displays its great vitality as a massive technological innovation movement.

(KCNA - December 6, 2020)

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