Lodging houses admirably refurbished

Jagang Province successfully renovates and rebuilds lodging houses for tourists for the study of the revolutionary history of Korea.

Last year Kanggye City face-lifted a lodging house for study tourists anew and successfully rebuilt the Muphyong Enroute Restaurant of the Jonchon Lodging House for Study Tourists, the Riman Enroute Restaurant of the Koin Lodging House for Study Tourists and the Puji Enroute Restaurant of the Songgan Lodging House for Study Tourists.

This year Jagang Province rebuilt the Huichon, Chongun, Jonchon, Songgan, etc Lodging Houses for Study Tourists and completely changed the looks of the Songjang and Songwon Enroute Restaurants and others to fully suit the convenience of study tourists.

The province is now striving energetically to rebuild as soon as possible lodging houses for study tourists in Hwaphyong County where the statue of President Kim Il Sung stands to represent him journeying home for 400 kilometers for learning purposes.

Lodging houses are now being refurbished anew at full steam in many other provinces of the country, too, for the study tourists of revolutionary sites and battle sites to meet the demand of the developing times.

(Rodong Sinmun - December 5, 2020)

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