Spirit of Mt Paektu, ideological core of masterpieces

Many People Tour Revolutionary Battle Sites in Area of Mt Paektu, December 2019. (Photo Credit KCNA)

By Cha Su
Rodong Sinmun

It is very important to ceaselessly create literature and art works with the spirit of Mt Paektu as their ideological core in view of historical experience in our revolution and the trend of the times.

It is an important goal constantly pursued by our Party in training the reserves of the revolution to intensify the education in the revolutionary traditions among the younger generations so as to let them have the same ideological and spiritual qualities and fighting spirit as those of the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners.

Literature and art works on the theme of the revolutionary traditions are of great cognitional and educational significance as they vividly represent through their heroes' struggle and life the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, which is characterized by intense loyalty to the leader, warm love for the country and the people, bitter hatred against the class enemy and unyielding fighting spirit.

The sacred Korean revolution proves that such works serve as a powerful ideological weapon making enthusiasm for the revolution and struggle flare up in the hearts of the masses.

The spirit of Mt Paektu is a strong faith and will of the revolutionary fighters who crossed snowy ridges of Mt Paektu, getting united firmly around President Kim Il Sung and holding him in high esteem as the leader of the Korean revolution in its early period.

Creators and artists should regard the loyalty to the leader as the pillar of their faith like the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters and embody it in production of the works on the theme of the revolutionary traditions.

Creators should direct their efforts into producing more masterpieces like the song "We Will Go to Mt Paektu" which reflects the minds of our people oriented to Mt Paektu.

Officials, creators and artists in the field of literature and art should arm themselves firmly with the spirit of Mt Paektu and dedicate themselves to producing masterpieces representing the times during the 80-day campaign of loyalty.

(Abridged by KCNA - December 4, 2020)

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