Laos celebrates 45th founding anniversary

DPRK External Relations

Today, the Laotian people are striving to achieve social stability and national unity and implement the ten-year social and economic development strategy (2016-2025) under the leadership of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party.

With an eye to increasing the country's power generation capacity, the government presses on with the construction of hydropower stations and increases investment in the natural energy development sector.

It also pays close attention to the training of talents by setting it as a major national policy for the country's future.

As it channelled efforts into early education for improving the quality of education last year, enrolment of five-year-old children increased by 2.3 percent. The total primary school enrolment is now 99.1 percent and the areas with an over 95 percent enrolment rate have grown to 134.

The government aims to boost primary school enrolment in rural areas and further raise the national educational level by promoting early education.

It also directs efforts to the improvement of the people's living standards.

Recently, it launched into a project for bettering the livelihood of residents in the country's northern region with the goal of establishing the elementary infrastructure, improving the nutritional conditions of residents and providing them with income sources in the poverty-stricken areas.

Accordingly, the government is said to provide technical support and assistance for nearly 250 villages in order to encourage them to produce goods with better quality and benefit from them.

While working to develop tourism, it promotes many-sided cooperation and exchanges with different countries for national development.

On September 13, a cross-border railway tunnel project was completed. It links the railway route between Kunming of Yunan Province in China and Vientiane of Laos.

The opening of the 9.59km-long tunnel has offered prospects of active exchanges between the two countries.

Laos consistently pursues the foreign policy of peace, independence, friendship and cooperation and works to develop international relations as it keeps in close touch with many countries in Asia and the rest of the world.

(Pyongyang Times - December 4, 2020)

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