Many people tour Mt Paektu revolutionary battle sites

Sacred Mt Paektu
Sacred Mt Paektu. (Photo Credit KCNA)

One year has passed since Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made a historic horseback march toward the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu.

Since then, more than 84 000 officials, working people, service personnel of the People's Army, youth and students of over 1 900 different units have climbed Mt Paektu.

During his tour of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu on horseback in December last year, the Supreme Leader set forth great guidelines for the education in the revolutionary traditions. The guidelines call for permanently defending and carrying forward the revolutionary traditions of Paektu and making a breakthrough to weather the trials in the revolution by dint of the indomitable offensive idea based on those great traditions.

True to the intention of the Supreme Leader, Party information workers across the country made an expedition to the revolutionary battle sites. They were followed by youth and students in different parts of the country, deputies to the Supreme People's Assembly, officials and workers of the Cabinet, working people's organizations, commissions, ministries, national institutions, Party and power organs, industrial establishments and universities at all levels and service personnel of the Korean People's Army and the Public Security Forces.

Expedition continued throughout the year and more than 56 000 made expeditions in winter.

During their expeditions, they keenly realized that their march toward Mt Paektu is just the one of loyalty for following the Supreme Leader and the one of faith to be made by the successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche for all ages.

(KCNA - December 3, 2020)

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