What is real threat to Japan?


Recently, former Japanese PM Abe talked about missile "threat" from the DPRK at a meeting of lawmakers from the Liberal Democratic Party, citing the justice of possession of the "ability for attacking enemy base".

Such rubbish cannot but be described as the last-ditch effort by a crazy militarist keen on stoking hostility towards the DPRK.

This also proves that the ultra-rightists in Japan get desperate in pursuing their wild ambition for reinvasion.

As publicly recognized, Abe, who possessed the ultra-rightist reactionary idea as his creed by inheriting the cunning and belligerent nature as a descendant of a war criminal, pursued hostility towards the DRPK as a state policy during his tenure of power. He was engrossed in revanchist moves for reinvasion to avenge their ancestors' defeat.

He also caused consternation worldwide by starting his work at the new government singing aloud "kimigayo", a song symbolic of militarism, and much the worse, by terming his singing of the song "the first step for retrieving Japan."

During his rule, the Japanese regime desperately and openly pursued the retrogressive revision of the constitution aimed at categorically denying the status of a war criminal state and defeated nation. This led to establishment of legal foundations for overseas invasion with the adoption of "security legislation" and the emergence of the "Self-Defence Forces" as considerably strong war forces.

Besides, the moves for distorting history totally denying its past crimes were perpetrated more openly than ever before, anti-DPRK and anti-Chongryon moves reached the extremes and the whole the Japanese society was engulfed in the mire of ultra-nationalism and revanchism.

His militaristic madness gets serious with each passing day.

During his stay in office, he dared not visit "Yasukuni Shrine" for fear of the world's eyes but just three days after his resignation, he suddenly visited it and visited it again one month later to praise the top class criminals. He also resumed the operation of an organization of conservative lawmakers led by him in a bid to actively abet the present Suga's cabinet in revision of the constitution and militarization.

All these facts prove that Abe and other Japanese ultra-rightists still long for the past days when Japan invaded the Asian continent, not getting rid of a daydream for realizing the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."

His recent remarks over the possession of "ability for attacking enemy base", which is designed to preemptively attack and destroy the missile bases in Japan's opponent countries, and over "threats" from the DPRK were a revelation of his sinister intention to justify the moves for militarism and overseas expansion.

Shortly ago, an article posted on a website said that the Second World War still goes on in Japan and that's why Asian countries all dislike it.

At present, Japanese media and opposition parties remain averse to such moves, saying "possession of offensive weapons goes beyond the minimum limit of self-defense and will cause tensions like fierce arms race among neighboring countries to make Japan get embroiled in the 'abyss of security'." The majority of the Japanese people strongly urge the Suga cabinet touting the succession of Abe's politics not to carry forward the wrong policies.

The risky moves of the ultra-rightist forces of Japan will only throw the island nation into the abyss of complete destruction.

A real threat to Japan is just the reckless confrontational moves of the Abe-led ultra-rightist political forces.

(KCNA - December 2, 2020)

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