Milestone for Juche-oriented dance art

Arirang 2013 Version
Arirang 2013 Version. (Photo Credit Uriminzokkiri)

By Chas Su
Rodong Sinmun

Chairman Kim Jong Il's publication of the work "On the Art of Dance" on Nov. 30, Juche 79 (1990) was a historic event that provided a milestone for the development of the Juche-oriented art of dance.

Kim Jong Il expounded in the work the essence and character of the art of dance as well as its revolutionary tradition, and gave perfect answers to every theoretical and practical issue arising in producing dance pieces.

The art of dance should contribute to ideologically and emotionally influencing the people and greatly inspiring them to turn out in a worthwhile struggle for creating a new life by giving a fine artistic description of their independent and creative life.

For the past 30 years our art of dance has made proud progress by embodying the idea and theory of the work.

Dances representing the spirit of the times and the nation were displayed in large-scale performances including the Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance Arirang, a winner of the Kim Il Sung Prize and a world-class masterpiece representing the new century. And numerous small dance pieces have been created to instill greater confidence in the revolution and ardent love for the socialist country into the minds of the people.

Indeed, the work "On the Art of Dance", which scientifically systemized the principle to be observed in the building of the art of dance, theory on creation of dance pieces, etc. on the basis of precious successes and experience gained during the course of creating a new history of Juche-oriented art, serves as important guidelines in developing the Juche-oriented art of dance.

(KCNA - November 30, 2020)

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