College student helps war veteran grandma

"Pak Un Ha gave me family affection and joy of life. She is as intimate as my granddaughter," said Mun Chung Sim, war veteran and honoured disabled soldier living in Wonjong-dong, Chollima District, Nampho.

Pak Un Ha, student of Kangson College of Engineering
Pak Un Ha
The woman in her 90s who was born in south Korea has no child due to the injury she got during the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953).

Pak Un Ha, student of Kangson College of Engineering, is taking care of her.

When Pak heard about Mun, she thought that the latter would be more pleased if she became a granddaughter though district officials took special care of war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers.

So, she visits Mun’s home every day to be a companion to chat with her and help her with house chores.

While listening to a variety of her granddaughter’s stories about college life, the grandmother was delighted as if she returned to the maidenhood in her 20s and, sometimes, would teach the valuable truth of life as a revolutionary forerunner, recalled Un Ha.

Now, all her family members have become so close to the veteran they seem to have formed a harmonious family with her.

"Today’s life of us exists as revolutionary forerunners like my grandmother fought and worked self-sacrificingly in the past," said Un Ha whenever her laudable deeds were appreciated in village and college. "It is the filial duty and obligation of our new generation to respect and take good care of them."

(Pyongyang Times - November 27, 2020)

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