Red-and-blue painting created by Korean nation

Red-and-blue paintwork in an old building. (File Photo Thongil Sinbo)

Red-and-blue painting is one of the cultural heritages created by the Korean nation.

In the past, mineral paint was used to prevent wooden-buildings from decay and wood borer. And this painting had steadily developed into an element for architectural decoration.

A picture with red-and-blue paintings can be seen among the murals of Susan-ri Tomb dating back to the Koguryo Kingdom (B.C. 277-A.D. 668). This shows that the Korean nation created and developed the red-and-blue painting long ago.

The painting can be divided into common color painting, splendid color painting and other forms according to decorative methods.

The Ryongwang Pavilion in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, is famous for red-and-blue patterns. When visiting Pyongyang in the 1950s, a painter of the former Soviet Union was reportedly so fascinated by such red-and-blue patterns displayed at the pavilion that he could not but lie on its floor for a while to look at them.

Nowadays, the red-and-blue painting has been further developed in conformity with the modern aesthetic tastes, and it is used in decorating the buildings of traditional style.

(KCNA - November 27, 2020)

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