CDIO method adopted for medical education

"The CDIO education method, which is applied to the teaching of engineering, also proves effective in medical education," said Kim Song Hui, lecturer at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences.

Kim Song Hui, lecturer at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences
Kim Song Hui
An education method consisting of conception, design, implementation and operation is being generalized as a very effective education method in engineering education which requires producing practical results based on scientific principle.

Can’t the CDIO education method be applied to medical education?

"Medical sciences do not aim to produce new things. But they have something in common with engineering in the aspect that they apply theories to reality," Kim Song Hui said.

She developed such an idea after she discovered the fact that even a student who is well versed in theories might have a low practical ability. So she paid special attention to the capacity-building of students so that they could take diagnosing and curing measures with confidence after finishing their university course.

She made sure that the CDIO education method was introduced into lecture to present the main point to be dealt with in lecture as the preparation task and to get students to conceive ways to solve problems through literature search and draw an algorithm for the whole course of results.

In the lecture, students were encouraged to present their findings by groups or individuals and get the most correct and rational method by way of question and answer.

Lecturers guide students during the lesson to find the correct answer.

"The efficiency has been raised thanks to the close combination of lecture and practice", "Lecturers need to spend much time for the preparation of lectures in order to give correct evaluation to different tasks and lead them logically", "Lectures have become the time of us, rather than those of teachers", "We came to have a correct and full understanding of teaching contents and cultivate self-confidence in diagnosis," lecturers and students say as to the new teaching method.

The new teaching method was highly appreciated in the sector of higher education and it is generalized in medical education units across the country.

(Pyongyang Times - November 27, 2020)

CDIO Initiative

CDIO is a trademarked initialism for Conceive Design Implement Operate. The CDIO Initiative is an educational framework that stresses engineering fundamentals set in the context of conceiving, designing, implementing and operating real-world systems and products. Throughout the world, CDIO Initiative collaborators have adopted CDIO as the framework of their curricular planning and outcome-based assessment. The CDIO approach uses active learning tools, such as group projects and problem-based learning, to better equip engineering students with technical knowledge as well as communication and professional skills. Additionally, the CDIO Initiative provides resources for instructors of member universities to improve their teaching abilities. (Wikipedia)

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