Thoroughgoing anti-epidemic measures taken in DPRK

Anti-epidemic measures in DPRK
(Photo Rodong Sinmun)

All the sectors and units in the DPRK are further intensifying the works for strictly carrying out state anti-epidemic measures.

The central emergency anti-epidemic units are concentrating their efforts on taking preemptive measures after finding defects in inspection, quarantine, etc., given the ever-worsening global health crisis and changed weather, in order to establish steel-strong anti-epidemic system and order.

The emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels have effectively conducted ideological education to make sure that officials, workers and residents display the unity of voluntary action and devotion in the epidemic campaign, as befitting the ones responsible for the anti-epidemic work.

Industrial establishments have organized every work on the principle of restricting mass labor and unnecessary travel of their personnel, fully prepared supplies necessary for the emergency anti-epidemic work and reviewed their anti-epidemic works every day.

Service facilities have strictly observed anti-epidemic protocols in their activities, ensuring proper hygiene and health conditions in keeping goods and food. They also make sure that citizens voluntarily observe the anti-epidemic rules.

The public transport agencies have steadily conducted information activities to help people strictly obey the anti-epidemic discipline, and regularly sterilized trains, tube trains, tramcars, etc.

(KCNA - November 25, 2020)

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