Let's follow their fighting spirit to win 80-day campaign

Members of the divisions of the Party members from the capital city
Procession of divisions after oath-taking meeting of capital city Party members on September 8, 2020. (Photo KCNA)

By Rodong Sinmun
November 22, 2020

The feats performed by the members of the divisions of the Party members from the capital city for the Party and the revolution lie not only in playing a leading role in transforming the damaged areas into a socialist fairyland but also in creating precious ideological and spiritual wealth and a new speed of advance which corroborate the advantages and the vitality of the idea and policy of the Worker's Party of Korea based on the people-first doctrine and accelerate the development of the era and the revolution.

The members of the divisions are the vanguard who lived up to its trust and expectation through their death-defying practice, remaining boundlessly loyal to their leader.

The death-defying struggle waged by the core members of the capital city was not only the one for eradicating the aftermath of natural disasters but also a great campaign of loyalty and faith for living up to the trust of the leader.

They waged a fierce 24-7 struggle to hasten the construction out of the faith to repay the trust of the leader at any cost, and put their heart and soul into impeccably completing every part of buildings out of a viewpoint that they are responsible for conveying the love of the Party Central Committee to the residents of the damaged areas.

Plainly proved again in the recovery campaign is the mettle of the Korean revolutionaries who turn adversity into prosperity and misfortune into blessing.

The members of the divisions are the proud sons and daughters of the country who greatly contributed to establishing the socialist national climate in which all the people share woe and weal in overcoming trials.

Let us all the people become performers of brilliant feats in the on-going 80-day campaign for ushering in a new period of a great upsurge and turn in the revolution, true to the leadership of the great Party by positively following the fighting spirit of the members of the divisions.

(KCNA - November 22, 2020)

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